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"I like basslines," says DJ Lora with a huge smile on her face.

"And that's the most important thing in my music. I make tech house and deep house, with the sound of a rounded garage bassline."

Of course, Lora's music is harder to describe than that, the product of a life well-lived all over the world, with all the influences and inspirations that come with it.

The daughter of a jazz musician and a James Brown and opera fanatic, born in Durban, South Africa where rock and metal ruled the airwaves, Lora's own deep house tracks were always...

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Gig Dates & Locations »

  • 31st December

    Moskito Island, British Virgin Islands

  • 20th December

    Loulou's, London

  • 19th December

    Arts Club, London

  • 18th December

    Morton's, London

  • 13th December

    Goodwood House

  • 12th December

    Loulou's, London


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DJ School »

Especially designed by DJ Lora, these exciting new courses have been created to tailor to the needs of complete beginners or for people looking to take their existing DJ skills to the next level.

Classes take place at exclusive private member’s club The Wellington,...

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New Release

Blue Eyed Boy
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#1 (Colors)
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Gypsy Woman
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